Selah way
Take me back to Tahiti, Bora Bora.
I miss these sunsets dearly.
When my friends take off, soaring

all around me, life takes a toll. Actually, wait. It’s been taking a toll. For far too long. 

My neck is getting so tired of looking up, wishing I could be there, but despite the efforts I make, I am land bound. 

Why me? image

Here is the same sunset, with out boat, ‘Selah’ anchored for the night. 
Like the Lion King, huh? Except not. This is real. This is the vast ocean. That was an adventure of a life time. 
It is I.. Everyday, for months. The conversations we had. The books we read.. The food we ate.. The things we saw, smelt, and heard.. Sometimes I wonder if life is what you make it, when really- for many of us, life is what makes you. Maybe it’s a compilation of both. 
One of the most breath taking thing’s I’ve seen. e,
Marquesas Islands
Fiji beer. Fiji sunset. 
A 4 mile hike to a waterfall in Tahiti. I miss this moment so much. 
American Samoa was a hot sticky place. Our ship had recently taken damage from a massive cyclone storm, so we had to stop for repairs. I wanted to carry on, but it was also very important that we re-provission the boat with food. We hadn’t seen a grocery store for a couple months. During my time in Samoa, I met an old sailor who had been in that harbor for 5 years. He smoked a pipe. We smoked together. This was that night. 
After 21 days to sea, the ship we were on, Selah, sailed into our first South Pacific tropical stop. Marquesas islands. The air was so sweet and earthy, we could smell it from 5 miles away! Salt water gets very old pretty fast.. This was the glorious sunset that greeted us upon arrival