Listen/purchase: And The War Came by Shakey Graves

Hard Wired is so righteous

  1. Listen to these cool cats and check out my tags for more similar music! Future Proof by Mesita
A song to seriously chill-out to:

If you don’t mind a little electronic, R&B sort of sound, give Spooky Black’s song a listen; Without U.

Shakey Graves - Late July

Because I am eager, young and qualified. 



Nathaniel Rateliff performed the amazing 'Still Trying' for us on an incredibly cold and foggy day out in the woods. 

We hope you enjoy it!

Josh Kumra - Call Off The Search //
Mahogany Session

Jamie Woon - Blue Truth (Acoustic Exclusive)
// Mahogany Session….

Screw autotune. 

Good stuff

So good. You can listen to her whole album on Bandcamp 

Theillz - In Between Us.

So nectar.  
"and when I see that all hope is dying 
I won’t stop I promise to keep trying”